Our story

Being a mum is an extraordinary job.
It also happens to be extraordinarily tough.

Here at The Mindful Mum, we want to make motherhood as easy, enjoyable and energised for you as possible… one tiny moment at a time.

The Mindful Mum is on online sanctuary that helps mums squeeze self-care into the precious spare moments they cherish so much. It was created specifically for mothers because we wholeheartedly believe that when they nurture their health and happiness – everyone benefits.

The fact is, in this modern world of mothering, it’s hard to avoid stress, exhaustion and being overwhelmed. But we are here to remind you that it IS possible to feel more energetic, resilient, spacious and fulfilled. With just a little help, you can learn to engage your mind and body to work FOR, rather than against you.

Whether it’s more patience, playfulness or presence you are dreaming of, we have created an extensive collection of classes designed specifically to inspire, inform and support time-poor mothers as they try to thrive as parents and individuals. It may be a guided meditation during nap time, a simple breathing exercise when the day (or night!) is getting the better of you, or a restorative yoga class to wind down after the kids are in bed – whatever you need, we have created practical solutions to suit your stage of motherhood.

The Mindful Mum is not about fitting into some perfect “Zen Mum” stereotype who always stays calm, eats organic, has the perfect work-life balance, remains present (even during shopping centre tantrums!) and looks like a hippie goddess in her active wear with her flower crown. No.

We want to help mums help themselves…

We simply want you to enjoy motherhood, unencumbered by fatigue, stress, and expectations of how everything “should” look. Being a mindful mum is not another ideal to live up to, nor is it another measure by which to focus on our imperfections. Far from it. Mindful motherhood is simply about experiencing your everyday parenting moments with a little more curiosity, compassion and calm.  By adopting self love and daily care, we hope mums will develop an appreciation for the here and now and be more connected to themselves and their families.

We have collaborated with Australia’s leading experts in health, wellbeing and parenting to make the best information available, accessible and inclusive to mothers at every stage of their journey. Our experts are made up of yoga, meditation and spiritual leaders, personal trainers, nutritionists, sexual and holistic wellbeing coaches, psychologists, doctors, midwives and counsellors.

What sets the teachers we choose apart is that they know that the best expert on your life is you!

Your daily sanctuary is designed to help you tap into your own wisdom and maternal instincts so that you can create a family life that aligns with you and your loved ones. It’s about collaboration and connection. Health and happiness. Women and wellbeing.

The Mindful Mum came to be over shared experiences, sisterhood and a joint search for sanity in the often mad world of motherhood.

For women raising children it is true that you “no longer have the village” – but you do have The Sanctuary.


We would love to meet you there.

  • Motherhood is filled with the most immense joys, but it can also leave us feeling completely overwhelmed and depleted with very little time for ourselves. We all want to be calm, present and compassionate, but it’s much easier said than done. In my first year of motherhood, I experienced a number of challenges that made me realise just how essential it was to keep a healthy mind and prioritise regular exercise and self-care practices in order to be truly happy. I found it really difficult to find the space and support to look after my mental and physical health while being a busy mum. I kept thinking ‘if only there was an easier way for all mums to take better care of themselves – a place they could go to for support whenever and wherever they could find a precious spare moment’.

    Sally Wood
    Sally Wood Co-Founder of The Mindful Mum
  • I admit to finding motherhood far more challenging than I expected. Applying mindfulness to my parenting experience has really helped me connect with my girls in a more authentic way and made me available to the deep joy motherhood can bring. It's powerful stuff. I can’t wait to share this gift with other mums.

    La Muxlow
    La Muxlow Co-Founder of The Mindful Mum