Aug 23 – Sep 22.
Babies born under the Virgo sign are often very sure of their likes and dislikes even from an early age. If they don’t want a particular food they will definitely let you know! They can also be quite particular eaters or have oddball preferences for food and drinks which are not common.

Even from a young age, children born under the Virgo sign tend to be absorbed by and interested in, small details in their environment. Due to this, a lot of busy colourful objects might easily distract their attention and make them unsettled. Simple, uncluttered surroundings are preferred by these little organisers, as neatness and elegance have a calming influence on their detail-focussed minds.

Given they are ruled by the planet Mercury, don’t be surprised if your little Virgo starts to talk earlier than usual. In their older years, they tend to be unusually chatty and witty. With this skill, they can usually make and charm friends very quickly. Children born under the Virgo sign have a good sense of humour and fit in easily in most social groups.

They have an evident altruistic streak and will be more than willing to help their friends when needed. They tend to show this trait very early on and keep it into adulthood.

Educationally they tend to be great performers and early enrolment into scholarly activities will be beneficial.