Apr 20 – May 20.
The child born under the sign of Taurus is very expressive of their needs right from the start. As babies, they will loudly let you know if they need something and as toddlers, they will master the art of tantrums. Self-expression should be encouraged as this is deeply ingrained in the nature of these children and they will struggle to suppress it. Instead, try to teach them healthy communication skills and encourage them to use their words or deep voices to alleviate tantrums and whining. These children often bond well with the males in their life. They are family orientated homebodies who enjoy being in their comfort zone and can fiercely resist change. When change is afoot, best give these little ones plenty of warning and opportunity to do some decision making.

Taurus children have a natural musical ability and tonal acuity from an early age, so go ahead and break out the classical, rock and blues for this little musician. A bedtime song will often become a favourite connecting time.

With these independent souls, strict law enforcement will be met with dogged resistance which will slowly affect your bond, so try more subtle motivations and plain talking to make your point. They are often mistaken as slow learners or lazy because of their overwhelming headstrong and independent nature.

In terms of appearance, Taurus children are typically very cute due to their sign being ruled by the planet Venus. They often have a healthy awareness of their image and don’t be surprised if they start to choose their own clothes from a very young age!

Taurus children are physically strong and do well in sports requiring strength and stamina, versus agility. They should be taken outside from an early age due to their strong connection with nature.