Oct 23 – Nov 21.

The babies born under the Scorpio sign are known for their strong and changeable temperament right from an early age. Their moods can dart from quiet and watchful, to active or emotional within the blink of an eye.

They tend to reach the major early milestones when encouraged. Emotionally they can show incredible maturity for their age, to the point of appearing significantly older in some ways.

They are sensitive little beings who keep their inner world deeply buried until you have earned their trust. They feel deeply about topics and can be easily hurt, so encourage healthy communication skills from an early age. Although they are slow to trust, once you have earned it they are exceedingly loyal and generous.

As Scorpio is a water sign they tend to enjoy activities around to water such as swimming, diving or boating. Early swimming lessons are quite suitable for a Scorpio child to burn off their incredible energy. Team sports are generally not their thing and they will enjoy environments more where they are in control.

They also tend to do well with arts, especially with music and literature. As a result, they should be exposed to a range of music styles and works of artistic nature right from an early age. Creative expression is a great way to allow the little Scorpio to express their deep passion. Socially they tend to be more introverted and they will have a small number of often quite loyal friends.