Nov 22 – Dec 21.
Be prepared for the most active and adventurous baby you can imagine. The babies born under the Sagittarius sign are well known for their curiosity and they will gladly take hold of everything they can reach, so watch those little fingers!

They achieve the milestones of walking and talking much sooner than most, and will definitely let you know about it due to their loud ‘show-man’ tendencies. They thrive in the outdoors where they can learn and run off some of that internal fire.

Quite sociable and animated communicators, these children readily make new friends but can be wary of strangers as they are sensitive to social dynamics. This means your little Sagittarius may not take to a new babysitter readily until they have earned their trust.

If their early physical learning is focussed on balance and coordination, their later years are spent quite athletically gifted. They typically do better in team sports than in individual sports, but let them have the last say on this.

Mentally they are very free spirited and they hate being tied down with rules and regulations. They are strong-willed and determined with little inclination to jealousy. They make their own conclusions based on their experiences, no matter how limited it might be in their early age. Asking a Sagittarius child to comply is better explained calmly than strictly.

In school they do well if not too much pressure is applied to them. Instead, positive gentle communication and encouragement go further with these little ones.