Feb 19 – Mar 20.

Babies born under the Pisces horoscope are often quite imaginative with a dreamy outlook. They have a beautiful wisdom that comes deep from within them, and they are able to differentiate right from wrong, very clearly from an early age.

As their imagination comes to the forefront very early, don’t be surprised if they even invent new words and phrases to experiment on you. Their imagination is always visible whilst they play with elaborate stories crammed with fine detail.

Visual perception is a strength and given their strong imagination, they may possess a great talent for visual arts as they develop. Early on, they should be encouraged to express their large inner life and this will help bring any present artistic talent to the surface. Once this happens, they will tend to perfect their expression very rapidly as if a new exciting world has opened up.

As they tend to have a large emotional life, they will benefit from structured family life and large family gatherings. They should be steered away from unfamiliar environments or ones in which emotional expression is discouraged. With such a complex inner life and innate wisdom, Pisces children benefit from being taught healthy communication and emotional self-regulation. Avoid critical language where possible and help them learn how to ask for help.

They tend to be very caring and altruistic towards their friends and they will gladly offer a helping hand to anybody in need.

As Pisces is a water sign, Pisces babies will likely enjoy activities in or near water, so make opportunities to learn aquatic sports and play outdoors.