Sep 23 – Oct 22.
If you have a very affectionate and incredibly cute little one, the odds are they are a Libra! These sweet babies are also known for their calm, mild and lovable manners. A bit of active encouragement is often required by their parents to make the major milestones such speaking and walking, but they tend to be quick learners.

Once they start talking they will reveal the communicative nature that is associated with the Libra sign. Expect a lot of questions and expect even more questions after your answers! They are very curious about the world around them and want to explore it as soon as possible. These children benefit from exposure to a range of environments and travelling will be embraced with wonder.

Exposure to a range of music from classical to contemporary styles will encourage their natural tonal acuity. Encouragement to learn to play a musical instrument will benefit them and their curious minds. Emotionally, these children tend to be an open-book and will often open up their heart even in front of strangers. They have a natural tendency towards trusting other people, so a watchful eye is required whilst they explore friendships.

They are known for their altruism and generous attitude. They make a lot of friends and keep these agreeable and likeable attitudes into adolescence.

Active encouragement towards study is required as they would rather play and socialise than do their school work, despite their quick learning ability.