Jul 23 – Aug 22.
A baby born under the sign of Leo is often quite energetic and lively from a very early age. They tend to express their needs strongly, so be prepared for boisterous tantrums down the track!

Leo children have a strong sense of focus, playing for long periods on their own or with others. Gifted with a heartwarming smile and outgoing temperament, these children are great at making friends. Not surprisingly, they also tend to make great friends themselves and will often keep their childhood friendships well into their adult years. Their strong sense of self, results in forthright communication style and a somewhat self-interested personality.

Leo children are quite good at pleasing other people as they quickly learn what makes others happy and use this in their daily bargaining.

Given a rich and stimulating environment, they will not hesitate to make use of their inner creativity. It’s a form of expressing their inner energy and this should be encouraged by the adults in the environment as they are quite sensitive to negative critique.

With such a strong energy and drive they will achieve well at school, given the right start. They can prove to be methodical and organised in their tasks which lend them a maturity past their years.