May 21 – Jun 20.
The sign of Gemini is associated with quick and agile minds, so brace yourself for a bright little thing from the start. The babies born in this sign are often fast learners and they can show a psychological maturity that is beyond what is expected for their age.

Practice patience with these little detectives as they pester you with questions all day long. Just part of raising your own little genius! Regular library trips and time spent in nature will help feed their insatiable imaginations.

Children born under this sign need to be surrounded with beautiful, engaging environments which will stimulate their ever active and fast mind. Screen-time and computer games can over-stimulate their imaginations, so keep these to a minimum and focus on learning programs. With such a strong imagination, Gemini children often suffer from vivid nightmares and also excel at the creative arts. They often excel at school but can become bored easily if the content isn’t presented in an engaging way.

These butterflies are capable of morphing into any social situation and can find themselves with several very different groups of friends. Being outgoing and vivacious, they tend to make friends easily.

Early learning of another language is a great activity for Gemini children as it answers a constant need to communicate and learn. Focus on teaching these children to express themselves kindly and model how to be a good listener.