Dec 22 – Jan 19.
Capricorn babies might appear to be very smart, largely due to a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility and desire for achievement. These old souls only require gentle guidance as they tend to easily understand their mistakes and learn from them.

Major milestones might be achieved later than expected. This is usually nothing to worry about as once they are a bit older, they tend to catch-up pretty quickly.

Capricornian children are quite sensitive to criticism so be mindful of shaming language. Remember, for the most part, they already recognise their mistake. It’s likely that they will take lessons seriously due to their strong sense of responsibility.

As Capricorn is an earth sign, they have a special sense of connection with nature. They will adore spending time outside, so don’t be surprised if camping is their favourite weekend activity!

They are endowed with a stack of stamina and energy, so sports come naturally to them. Aim for sports where a lot of running is involved. Being of a fair and likeable nature, team sports are especially well-suited to Capricorn children.

Socially they have a balanced outlook which assists them in maintaining healthy friendships. These little mavericks tend to hold on to their convictions and strong opinions for a long time, even if they are against the grain.

They tend to perform very well in school, particularly with a lot of support and encouragement from their family.