Jun 21 – Jul 22.
Due to the Moon ruling the Cancer sign, these babies tend to be quite emotional and sensitive beings. They also tend to be very affectionate, particularly towards their mother. Since this mama bond is so strong they might have trouble accepting other caregivers. For these babies the more nurturing and responsive their mother, the more an emotionally-regulated adult they will become.

If a new person enters their world they can be somewhat anxious and grumpy. Indeed, it might take quite long for their confidence to be established in any new environments. Generally, they are not very vocal about their needs and are easily pacified with their favourite snack or drink. For this reason, mothers need to be particularly switched-on to pick up their emotional cues so as not to pacify with food too often.

Weaning a Cancer baby from the breast can be especially challenging due to the strong maternal bond and their association of food with comfort. Slowly and gently is best with these little ones.

As the Moon is associated with everlasting change, be prepared for regular mood swings. Accept these moods and try to go along with them. The Cancer child needs stability in their caregiver above all else.

The Cancer child tends to be more involved in creative and thoughtful activities, often excelling in the arts or academia later in life.

Children born under the Cancer sign need a very stable environment. They tend to struggle with changes, especially if they are sudden. Introduce any changes with plenty of warning, involving them in as many of the decisions as possible along the way.

They tend to be steady performers in school. They might need the occasional push in the right direction especially at the start, as they have trouble making the first step.