Heart-to-heart parenting

By Robin Grille

Nurturing your Child’s Emotional Intelligence from conception to school age.

Robin Grille is a convincing author and a passionate psychologist. This book has a lot for parents-to-be or parents of babies and very young children, on how to practice truly responsive parenting. With stories and exercises for those brave enough to explore the layers of their psyche, this book will give you tools to soften your emotional protective shell.

Research in the field of child psychology is now overwhelmingly supportive of the focus on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) over Intellectual Intelligence (IQ). This book gives parents a good grounding on where to start building EQ, for their babies and themselves.

Our children challenge us like no one else ever will and, if we let them, they make us better people. Even the mistakes we make as parents, if acknowledged honestly and with humility, can bring our children and us toward a closer and more trusting relationship. This emphasis on connection is an approach to being a parent that can be most enriching and transforms parenting from a job into an adventure."