Happy Child, Happy Home

By Lou Harvey-Zahra

Conscious parenting and creative discipline. 

A must-read for every parent of toddlers and preschoolers!

As our children grow they seem to be constantly throwing new challenges at us. Sometimes it can feel as though you don’t know how to effectively handle their new behaviour. This book gives you very useable, gentle and tested tools for creative discipline and enjoying the parenthood ride.

It tackles creating healthy family traditions, being closer to the earth, bringing out your inner art teacher as well as delivering positive discipline steps among other topics. With years of teaching and parenting under her belt, Lou is a captivating writer full of wisdom and creativity.


At the end of my days I know the question in my mind will be, 'Did i connect enough to my loved ones?'. Parents have the most important job on the planet: guiding the next generation. Our efforts positively affect the health and happiness of our children and family life, now and for generations to come. Let's aim to keep our minds and hearts wise open (without judging ourselves too harshly!) to consciously observe how our parenting is shaping our children and the Earth.