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  • Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 2.10.24 pm

    3 steps to soothing self-judgement

    Harsh self-judgement is one of THE biggest obstacles standing in the way of true self-confidence and acceptance. The inner critical voice we all ex [...]

  • breakfast-at-table2

    Contented motherhood starts here: self-care for mums explained

    Self-care is such a buzz word these days! While it’s great to see a growing movement for it, we’ve noticed the concept is still a bit vag [...]

  • lady-in-blue-with-glasses

    6 steps to changing unhelpful habits

    Have you ever tried to break a habit and started off well, but given up a few days or weeks in? Changing habits can be difficult when: Our surroundin [...]

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.48.58 pm

    How to overcome the barriers to self-care

    The common barriers of time, energy, expense, and guilt fall away when we have a broad and varied self-care toolkit to draw from. Take a few moments t [...]

  • breastfeeding after abscess newborn mother help

    From rock bottom to bliss: a breastfeeding journey

    Breastfeeding. It’s a personal topic for many reasons and just like motherhood, no single experience is exactly the same. For me, breastfeeding has [...]

  • Chaos-to-calm2

    Chaos to calm in 3 short minutes

    Motherhood is often fraught with chaos! In this video we discuss how this makes us feel and offer a quick tapping routine which will guide you back to [...]

  • Chaos-to-calm1

    Let go of guilt

    As the saying goes, “The baby comes out and the guilt goes in”, but we have the power to release it by learning to tune in and communicate [...]

  • Tapping-med-1

    Peaceful and present tapping meditation

    Tapping is an effective mindfulness tool we can all use to bring us back to the present. Once you’ve had a chance to learn the basic tapping rec [...]

  • pamela-pelvic

    Connect your pelvic floor & just breathe

    Greetings to you beautiful new mum! In week 2 of our postnatal restorative yoga series, we are going to bring gentle awareness and toning to the pelvi [...]

  • pamela shoulder abdomen

    Shoulder & abdominal relaxation

    For week 3 of our postnatal restorative yoga series, we transition out of bed onto the floor in order to fully nourish our shoulders and abdominals. D [...]

  • pamela-lower-back-pain

    Lower back pain relief for newborn mamas

    In week 4 of our 5-week postnatal restorative yoga series, we invite our yogi mamas to treat lower back pain with a sequence of soothing stretches an [...]

  • fiona african dance

    African dance for healing (pt 2)

    Part 2 of this series focuses our attention to the torso and hips as a means of cleansing our energy bodies and connecting us to our intuitive feminin [...]

  • anja-yoga-nidra

    Refuel with yoga nidra

    Never fear tired mamas, we have the perfect practice to help you slip into a deep relaxation and catch up on some much-needed rest after a long day (o [...]

  • anja-shoulder-work

    Shoulder opening tension reliever

    Do yourself a favour and relieve that mummy tension you are carrying in your shoulders with this awesome yoga sequence. Perfect for mums picking up sm [...]

  • Healing-meditation

    Healing meditation

    While travelling through pregnancy and childbirth, we can experience extreme fear, pain and loss of control which can often leave us detached from our [...]

  • Clare-Med-and-yoga1

    Tune in to your emotional body

    Clare has an amazing capacity to gently guide mums to tune into their bodies and heal after a difficult birth experience.   In this nurturing sequenc [...]

  • Clare-grounding

    Feeling flustered – get grounded

    Take some time out of your busy day to sit with Clare as she takes you through this grounding sequence designed to connect you to the earth and calm [...]

  • Clare-body-scan

    Reconnecting body scan

    There is no time like the present to reconnect with your body, breath, and emotions after the wild ride of pregnancy and birth. Take a few quiet minut [...]

  • Clare-gentle-yoga

    Supportive healing space

    This trauma sensitive yoga session provides an opportunity to safely experiment with breathing, moving, strengthening, stretching and resting. Join Cl [...]

  • Clare bringing awarness

    Bringing awareness into the body

    This gentle yoga sequence is a perfect way to begin having a conversation with your body. It will help you to identify those areas that feel great and [...]

  • Hopi-arm-and-neck

    Hand, arm & neck tutorial

    This is a delicious massage to do at the end of a long day to relax and relieve tension in the hands, arms, and neck.  It really is just the thing yo [...]

  • hopi-foot massage

    Foot massage tutorial

    Okay, mamas, we’ve got two words for you… FOOT MASSAGE! [...]

  • Hopi-tips-for-shoulders

    Massage tips for back & shoulders

    This quick tutorial will have you massaging like a pro in no time. Hopi will guide you and your partner through the ins and outs of basic remedial mas [...]

  • Bettina-16

    Open shoulder, open heart

    A wonderful sequence to expand the chest and relieve the shoulders. Perfect for you breastfeeding ladies who spend a lot of time hunched over, feedin [...]

  • Bettina-13

    Neck & shoulder tension tamer

    With so much of our lives spent sitting at a desk and carrying our children around, it’s hard to avoid tension and discomfort in our neck and sh [...]

  • Bettina-18

    Overcoming overwhelm

    The best way to get past feelings of sadness, tiredness, and overwhelm is to focus on your breath. This meditation is the perfect remedy to relieve th [...]

  • pamela post-birth restorative yoga

    Self-love & surrender

    Welcome to the final week of our 5-week postnatal course celebrating you as a new mum.  This is a time to truly honour yourself with restorative yo [...]

  • pamela post birth gentle yoga

    Rebuild strength & stamina

    The first few months after bringing your baby into the world are both amazing and trying. Take some time for yourself and follow Pamela through this [...]

  • bath salts

    Postpartum recovery bath salts

    The first few weeks after babies birth are well worth preparing for in advance. Nourishing recovery food and self-care goodies all ready to go is wha [...]