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  • Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 2.16.20 pm

    Grounding visualisation to strengthen your intuition

    The constant state of busyness and stress so many of us find ourselves in can leave us feeling like we have no choice, but to keep on going. In the pr [...]

  • Audio-Screenshot

    10-minute guided meditation

    Take 10-minutes to reboot and discover more calm in your day with this easy to follow guided meditation. [...]

  • Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.13.37 pm

    Why you don’t have to clear your mind from thoughts

    If you’ve ever felt like meditation just isn’t for you because you find it impossible to switch off, then this class is for YOU! We share a li [...]

  • Audio-Screenshot

    5-minute guided meditation

    Build on your meditation practice with this short and sweet guided meditation. [...]

  • Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 3.47.03 pm

    How to meditate in 5 simple steps

    So, you’ve heard all the amazing benefits of meditation and you’re keen to give it a try, but how do you actually get started?  What d [...]

  • Audio-Screenshot

    7-minute guided meditation

    Take a momentary pause in your day and build on your meditation practice with this 7-minute guided meditation. [...]

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.48.58 pm

    How to overcome the barriers to self-care

    The common barriers of time, energy, expense, and guilt fall away when we have a broad and varied self-care toolkit to draw from. Take a few moments t [...]

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.09.36 pm

    What is self-care and why do we need it?

    While there’s been a growing, natural thirst for self-care, the concept remains a little fluffy and the practice is still elusive for many ̵ [...]

  • cherry-blossom

    Our top 5 health tips for spring

    When I think of Spring, I think of flowers blossoming, days getting longer and sun shining! How can we reflect this fabulous season in our day-to-day [...]

  • Chaos-to-calm2

    Chaos to calm in 3 short minutes

    Motherhood is often fraught with chaos! In this video we discuss how this makes us feel and offer a quick tapping routine which will guide you back to [...]

  • Chaos-to-calm1

    Let go of guilt

    As the saying goes, “The baby comes out and the guilt goes in”, but we have the power to release it by learning to tune in and communicate [...]

  • Energy-block-1

    Release the energy blocks of overwhelm

    With a focus on releasing the energy blocks that lead to common negative emotions in motherhood, tapping is a simple, yet effective, technique which h [...]

  • Into-the-tap1

    Introduction to tapping

    Tapping is an effective mindfulness tool which allows us to process any energies or emotions that are blocking us from being peaceful and present. Wat [...]

  • Tapping-med-1

    Peaceful and present tapping meditation

    Tapping is an effective mindfulness tool we can all use to bring us back to the present. Once you’ve had a chance to learn the basic tapping rec [...]

  • beginner-pilates-2

    Peaceful pilates

    For all you mums looking to tone and strengthen after pregnancy, this is just the Pilates class for you! From 12 weeks postpartum, most of us are re [...]

  • Anja-breath-work

    Mindful breathing

    Learning to breathe mindfully is guaranteed to improve emotional self regulation and decrease the prevalence of the stress hormone, cortisol. We can d [...]

  • pamela shoulder abdomen

    Shoulder & abdominal relaxation

    For week 3 of our postnatal restorative yoga series, we transition out of bed onto the floor in order to fully nourish our shoulders and abdominals. D [...]

  • women-on-bed

    Three simple steps to more time for you

    If you really loved yourself and prioritised your needs, what would your life look like? What would you stop doing? We must fill our own cup before w [...]

  • child-1073638_1280

    Chief mama or mindful mama?

    Are you mama chief to your tribe, but struggle with being a mindful mama to your kids? Running a business with a young family can be challenging, esp [...]

  • breakfast-at-table2

    Our top tips for breakfast

    Have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? I agree with this because it can affect how we feel and eat for the rest of the [...]

  • pamela restorative prenatal

    Restorative prenatal practice

    Pregnancy is such a special time for you to get in touch with your body and cultivate nurturing practices like yoga.  Taking time to relax and get in [...]

  • fiona horsey brushdown

    The horsey brushdown

    This one is as fun as it sounds, but it also has very real benefits. Brushing the body connects our mind back into the present and forces us to reest [...]

  • anja-yoga-nidra

    Refuel with yoga nidra

    Never fear tired mamas, we have the perfect practice to help you slip into a deep relaxation and catch up on some much-needed rest after a long day (o [...]

  • anja-yoga-for-worry

    Let go of ‘worry’

    As mums, we can carry SO much worry with us…. whether it be about health, relationships, work, money. Or, whether we even happen to be doing thi [...]

  • anja-finding-sleep

    Insomnia relief

    Sleep becomes a precious commodity when you are a mum! This nurturing yoga sequence is intended to help you wind-down at the end of a long day, with e [...]

  • anja-breath-sequence

    Find your centre & breathe

    Take a moment with Anja to connect with your breath and bring yourself back into the present moment. A perfect practice to find calm at the end of the [...]

  • hopi-sensual-closeup

    Sensual ‘hawaiian style’ massage tutorial

    Massage really doesn’t get much better than this! Go on mamas, light a couple of candles, warm up some lovely oil, and get ready to spend some q [...]

  • Hopi-face-and-scalp

    Face & scalp massage tutorial

    Here are some fantastic pointers for those precious, child free, moments when you finally manage to make it to the couch at the end of a long day. Jus [...]

  • Hopi-Leg

    Lovely leg massage tutorial

    Get out the oil, it’s leg message time! A lovely leg massage is just what the doctor ordered after a long day. [...]

  • Hopi-Relaxing-back

    Back relaxation massage tutorial

    Okay mums, go grab your partners and learn how to give each other a really great back massage. No more tired finger excuses or uncomfortable poking ar [...]

  • Emily-Meditation 1

    2 simple relaxation techniques every mum should learn

    Join Emily as she guides you through this short class on two simple techniques that will help you feel more relaxed when the day (or night!) is gettin [...]

  • Bettina-26

    Yin yoga

    This soft meditative yoga practice is a wonderful de-stressor and absolutely perfect for the end of the day. So light that candle, put on your jam jam [...]

  • Bettina-23

    Uplift, energise & balance

    This incredible meditation practice is perfect for all mums. It only takes a few minutes to learn, yet it will give you a lifelong tool to use when fe [...]

  • Bettina-20

    Rise and shine strength practice

    Get ready to sweat mums! This energising strength practice is just what you need to help get you into a positive frame of mind. It’s very invigo [...]

  • Bettina-8

    Balancing the chakras

    A kinder, more gentle, yoga practice designed to help you reconnect with your body and balance your energy. Movement and affirmation combine to creat [...]

  • Bettina-13

    Neck & shoulder tension tamer

    With so much of our lives spent sitting at a desk and carrying our children around, it’s hard to avoid tension and discomfort in our neck and sh [...]

  • Bettina-18

    Overcoming overwhelm

    The best way to get past feelings of sadness, tiredness, and overwhelm is to focus on your breath. This meditation is the perfect remedy to relieve th [...]

  • Bettina-6

    Feeling, grounding, energising

    Bettina has an amazing way of taking you on a journey through your mind and body. The journey begins with exercises to get you into your body, feelin [...]

  • Bettina-3

    Balancing mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

    A wonderful session designed to bring us mums back to centre, incorporating breath work, meditation, and light yoga practices. So get out your mat and [...]

  • Pamela-restorative-yoga1

    Energise me

    Celebrate motherhood and take time for yourself through this restorative yoga practice which focuses on building strength, flexibility, and balance. P [...]