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  • Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.59.39 pm

    Making self-care happen

    While self-care is commonsense, it’s not necessarily common practice, so this class is all about helping you get clear on how to DO it in a wa [...]

  • Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.09.36 pm

    What is self-care and why do we need it?

    While there’s been a growing, natural thirst for self-care, the concept remains a little fluffy and the practice is still elusive for many ̵ [...]

  • child-with-watermelon

    How to eat more whole foods

    It sounds good in theory – eat more whole foods, less processed foods. Food from nature, untampered with, natural, nourishing! It evokes images of [...]

  • hand-with-fruit

    Listen to your body and eat with the seasons

    Our bodies know how to be well. And nature knows how to support us to be well! Staying healthy really is simple; when we stray too far from living in [...]

  • veg-selection

    All you need to know about mindful eating

    What: Mindful eating is a practice of bringing our non-judgemental awareness to all aspects of eating. This includes being present and tuned in to the [...]

  • recipe

    Indulge in a mindful morsel

    How often do you eat your breakfast on the go, and don’t really (I mean realllllllly) taste and appreciate every mouthful of the food you’re eatin [...]

  • platter-of-plums

    14 quick & easy snack ideas

    Fresh Fruit (in season) ½ cup Stewed/tinned fruit in natural juice Small handful of nuts or seeds ** Small tin of baked beans ** 2 wholegrain cracke [...]

  • Joey-6

    Let’s talk about mindful eating

    Mindful eating is a really fun and accessible way to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives. Throughout the process of sourcing our food, mea [...]

  • Joey how to eat mindfully

    How to eat mindfully

    This talk is packed full of incredibly useful tips on how to eat mindfully. Joey’s calm and easy going manner makes listening to this video an a [...]

  • Joey guilty pleasures

    Guilty pleasures

    Okay mums, go grab your favourite guilty pleasure from the cupboard, sit down and get ready to explore your connection with it. Joey has a wonderful w [...]

  • Joey meditation

    Guided gratitude meditation

    Let’s give thanks to our amazing motherly bodies and for the incredible gift of nourishment with this beautiful guided gratitude meditation R [...]

  • Joey formal mindful eating

    Formal mindful eating meditation

    Okay mums, let’s do some mindful eating! Joey delivers a fun mindful eating meditation guaranteed to make you more present when you eat and more [...]

  • Joey guilty pleasures

    Food guilt, self talk & beliefs

    Our nutritionist, Joey, has an amazing way of conveying the principals of mindful eating. In this talk, she explores the common issues around food gui [...]

  • Joey

    Learn the benefits of mindful eating

    It’s all too true that we often find ourselves eating on the run, in between getting the kids to school, before stepping out, or before starting [...]

  • Joey 3 min

    Mini breathing space meditation

    Take a short, but precious moment to get out of ‘doing mode’ and check in with yourself. This is a fantastic mindfulness practice to retur [...]